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Restaurant Logo Design Ideas

Design a restaurant logo with clear, minimalist forms. Choose modern or classic styles, incorporating culinary icons, utensils, or architectural silhouettes to capture the establishment's identity.
combination mark mono-color hand-drawn emblem logo brandmark retro monogram lineal lettermark colorful
Design a logo for a company specializing in snapslides for photoshopped images and videos.
A logo for a restaurant named Dragon featuring a hat atop and a cup of coffee in the center
A black and gold logo featuring a circular design with the text 'Lotus 2013' at the bottom.
A logo for a restaurant called Tavern featuring chopsticks, a bottle of wine, and a circular logo with the word Tavern
A logo design featuring the word 'singlemalt' in white letters on a black background.
Malik Carter
Design a logo for a food company named Mallk Carter. Include a central image of a fork and knife.
A colorful shopping bag with a letter P on it and a corresponding background design featuring the letter P.
Petals & Pines
A logo for a restaurant called Petals and Pines featuring a chef's hat atop it.
Eternal Blossom
Design a logo for Eternal Blossom, a flower shop located in California, United States.
Flourish & Flavors
Design a logo for a florist and flavors shop in red and white, featuring a logo with a ribbon
Design a logo for Uncle Miller BBQ, a California-based restaurant, featuring a distinguished bearded man.
Maplewood Manor
Design a vintage-style logo for Maplewood Manor, a winery based in California, USA.
Daisy Delight
A logo design concept for a restaurant called Daisy Delight featuring a sandwich on top and the words Daisy Delight.
A logo for a crafting memory company called Hearty Harvest, featuring a crown on top
Design a logo for a restaurant named Amethystt featuring a prominent golden arch at the center.
Twilight Terrace
Design a logo for Twilight Terrace, a restaurant, featuring a chef's hat on top.
Create a logo for a restaurant called Lavenderr. The logo features a chef's hat on top and a red ribbon.
Chez Panisse
A black and white logo for a company called Cop Chez Panissee, featuring the word 'Cop'
Design a logo for a Chinese restaurant called Jadewhiser featuring a dragon on the side.
ZapZest Eats
A logo design for the restaurant 'Zapzet Eats', featuring a chicken on top and a man at the bottom.
Bistro de Paris
Design a black and white logo for a clothing store named Bistro de Paris, featuring the letter B in the center.
VividRift Club
Design a vibrant logo for a club with a red and white color scheme on a black background, featuring the text 'Vivid Riff Club'.
A logo for Gentlemening Flavors Explorer, a company that sells flavored products.
A logo for a restaurant named Gentleing. It features a golden circle with a boat on the water.

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