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FAQs - SologoAI

Function and Usability

Can I customize the colors, fonts, and layout of the logos generated by SologoAI?

Yes, as a professional logo generator, you can edit the colors, text, and layout of the logos using our 'Preview editor.'

If I need to make changes to the logo after downloading it, can I re-edit it on SologoAI?

Certainly. Sign in > My designs, go to the 'Saved' tab, find your downloaded logo, click 'Preview,' and modify it in the 'Preview editor.'

Where can I find the brand-kits which I have downloaded in SologoAI?

Instantly access brand-kits files in 'My designs.' Click on the logo, then 'Preview' to find related brand-kits.

Intellectual Property Rights and Usage

Once I create a logo, Can I use it for commercial purposes without any restrictions?

Logos labeled 'C' are designated for commercial use within SologoAI, where the majority of generated content is available for commercial licensing. However, 'Trademark registration' serves as a notable specific restriction.

Can I use the generated-logo for trademark registration?

If you need to register your logo as trademark, you should choose logos with 'R: For Trademarking' or 'B: Buyout.' Refer to the usage guidelines in the 'Preview' window for legal use.

Check the following table for various types of license in SologoAI

Can I use a 'Buyout' logo to registration a trademark?

Absolutely. 'Buyout' logos grant exclusive ownership, allowing use for commercial, trademark registration, and resale.

Does 'For trademarking' logo guarantee trademark approval?

No. It grants authorization for trademark registration but doesn't guarantee success in the registration process.

Are there any specific guidelines or restrictions on where or how I can use the logo? For example, are there restrictions on using the logo in certain industries, products or regions?

No, our license has no regional, industry, product, or media restrictions. You can use the logo freely upon acquisition.

Does SologoAI offer any services or guidance on how to trademark my logo?

No, we currently do not provide such services.

File Formats

In what formats will my logo be available for download?

SologoAI offers 4 formats: JPG and PNG for digital media, SVG and PDF for editing and printing.

Can I get it in vector format for high-quality printing?

Yes, download SVG and PDF files for vector format suitable for high-quality printing.

About "Limited time free offer"

What are the pricing options for creating a logo?

Currently, we provide a "Limited time free offer," meaning there are no charges.

Language Support

Is there multilingual support on the platform?

We are working on it and plan to provide multilingual support in the future.

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