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Hand-drawn Logo Design Ideas

They exude authenticity and uniqueness, adding a personal and artistic flair to a brand's image. Hand-drawn logos showcase the human touch, with imperfect lines and organic shapes.
combination mark mono-color restaurant lineal brandmark emblem logo fashions monogram mascot logo organic
A logo for a natural product company featuring a green design with an olive and a ribbon at the bottom.
Design a logo for a coffee shop called Precision Pour. The logo should feature a green square with a white symbol representing the art of crafting coffee bonds.
Sonic Bites
A red and white logo with the word 'sonic' on its side, set on a black background. It features a red circle with the word 'sonic'.
Design a logo featuring a sleeping cat on top of a pillow for a company specializing in purprolor products.
Fluff N' Stuff
Design a logo for Fluff n'Stuff, a restaurant, featuring a sheep on its back.
Design a logo for a gaming team featuring a horned face and a sideways horned head, accompanied by the text 'Frozen Ranges'.
A logo for a cheese shop called Chomp-Chase, featuring a cartoon character holding a lemon.
Alexandre Noel
Design a logo for a hair salon with pink and white lettering on a dark background, featuring a pink and white stripe.
Nothing lasts forever
A handwritten message that emphasizes the power of love, accompanied by a pink heart.
A logo with a white background featuring the words 'c + ukwu' and a brown and white background featuring the words 'c + u'
StellarStrokes Fin
The logo features a black background with white logos for Stellar Strokes FM on both sides.
A speech bubble with the word 'lefovre' written in it, accompanied by a handwritten word below
Whimsical Whiskey Whirlpool
Design a logo for a whimsical whiskey whirlpool company featuring a purple circle and blue letters.
Luca Bree
Design a logo that features the word 'luciabree' in black and pink, with a stylish black and pink background.
Rustic Brewery
Design a logo for a rustic brewery and vintage espresso shop featuring a stylized image of a farm and a tree.
Grapple Gun
Design a logo for a grape gum company featuring a ribbon and a vibrant illustration of a fruit bunch.
ZenithMeadow 360
A black bird perched on a mountain with the words 'Zeith Meadow 350'
Quiescent Quartz 3
Design a logo for Quiescent Quartz 3, a restaurant located in Paris
NovaNex Fashion
A circular logo for Novanes fashion brand, embodying elegance in every stitch.
Design a logo for a company specializing in travel products and services for individuals with special needs, offering unique experiences in both natural and urban landscapes.
A hat on a white background with the brand name 'zeritthzephyr'
Design a logo for an organic products company that focuses on sustainable food production and market penetration.
A logo featuring a man holding a gun and the text 'Problem Cafe' written on a brown ribbon.
A logo for Ivory Nectar, a restaurant in London, England, featuring a stylized house image.

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