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Emblem Logo Design Ideas

Emblem Logos integrate text into a symbol, creating a cohesive design. Often used for traditional and authoritative brands, they convey a sense of heritage and reliability. That's why many universities and sports clubs love Emblems.
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emblem logo mono-color retro coffee sports education combination mark flat foods lettermark
A logo for a natural product company featuring a green design with an olive and a ribbon at the bottom.
Fur Ball Haven
Design a logo for a local business that showcases a bird and flowers. The logo should have a green and white color scheme.
Retro Brew
A pink sticker featuring a blue and white logo with the text 'Patrobrew Beanie Bliss'
FC Copenhagen
A blue lion head with the words 'f c krehnannn' on its side and a red circle around it.
Cafe Momo
A red background with a white logo featuring a ribbon that says Cafe Momo 2012.
A logo for a company that sells eco-friendly products and services for the area's environment, including the sea and mountains.
A logo design for Momentum, a company specializing in innovative products after years of development.
A black and gold logo featuring a circular design with the text 'Lotus 2013' at the bottom.
A blue cog wheel with a white 'Aurora' logo on a blue background at the bottom of the image.
Design a logo featuring a yellow and blue color scheme. Include the word 'Aurora' on the side of the logo, with a star positioned at the top.
A logo featuring a blue book in the center, surrounded by stars, on a blue and orange background.
Design a logo for Fizz, a business and technology company selling products worldwide.
A logo for Nactar featuring a green circle with blue letters and a blue circle with the word Nactar
A logo design for Cascade Water Sports and Recreation Park featuring a sunrise over water with the word 'Cascade' below it.
A red logo featuring the word 'Envision' on a black background, with a red circle and another red circle containing the word 'Envision'
Create a logo for a juice company featuring an orange with the word 'essence' on its side, accompanied by a green leaf on top.
A logo symbolizing health products and emphasizing healthcare and care
A green logo with the word 'Horizon' in a triangle shape and a leaf at the center.
A logo for a restaurant called Tavern featuring chopsticks, a bottle of wine, and a circular logo with the word Tavern
A blue label with a smiling face and the word 'Bubba' written in white on its side, featuring a red dot in the center.
A red and white logo featuring the word 'zontth' in the center, on a red background.
a black and gold logo for sprint music festival, with the word sprint in the middle of the image
rise & shine breads
A logo depicting a girl holding a book, accompanied by a red and white label featuring the text 'Rice & Shine Bread'.
wolf squad
A black and white logo with the words 'Wolf Squad' on its side, featuring a white background

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