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Bi-colors Logo Design Ideas

Bi-colors create a powerful visual identity. This style adds depth and complexity, creating a memorable and visually appealing brand representation, like IKEA.
combination mark flat company emblem logo geometric abstract farming retro minimalist brandmark
Design a logo for a company specializing in non-woven fabric and fabrics for clothing and accessories.
Urban Craft
A logo for Urban Craft featuring a green and orange design on the left side and a matching logo on the right side.
Synth Sphere
A logo for a film production company featuring a film roll and a camera on its side, accompanied by the words
Design a logo for a company specializing in snapslides for photoshopped images and videos.
Retro Brew
A pink sticker featuring a blue and white logo with the text 'Patrobrew Beanie Bliss'
FC Nantes
Create a soccer badge for FC Nantes featuring a yellow and green shield with the team name
Design a logo for a company that specializes in selling tastetango products and serves as a brand name for a product.
A logo for a company that offers happy harmony products to both children and adults
A dog with a bone on its chest and the word 'Furball' written in a red circle.
Design a logo featuring a lighthouse for a company that offers a variety of products and services in the market.
A red and white logo featuring the word 'zontth' in the center, on a red background.
SunSeed Farm
A logo for a seed farm featuring green and red stripes at the bottom.
Petite Paws Boutique
Design a logo for a petting company featuring a cat with a ribbon wrapped around its head.
Captain Cook
A logo design for Captain Cook's, established in 2054
A yellow and white logo on a black background featuring the word 'snuopy' in yellow letters.
Design a versatile logo for Zerittzephyr, a company offering a diverse range of products and services
Design a logo for a streaming company featuring a heart emblem with the text 'Swift Stream' positioned below it.
Create a unique logo for Sythospark, a company selling sun and cloud symbols in the sky.
A logo for Rainforest, a company selling products in the United States
A logo featuring a red and yellow star and the words 'Your Sound Sanctuary'
Wisdom Wave Academy
Logo for the Wisd Wave Academy Innovation in Education Program, inspired by the Wisd Wave Academy
Decentral X
Design a spiral logo with a blue background for a reputable tax company.
Design a logo for a company specializing in Swift Stream products and services, featuring the word 'Swift Stream' in the center.
QuickFix Interiors
Design a logo for Quick Fix Interiors, a furniture and accessories company catering to homeowners and customers.

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