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Abstract Logo Design Ideas

As Wassily Kandinsky said, "The more abstract the form, the more clear and direct its appeal." Abstract logos break free from literal representation.
combination mark mono-color flat technology minimalist bi-colors company architecture geometric gradients
Design a logo for a company specializing in snapslides for photoshopped images and videos.
A logo featuring the word 'Sonic' in blue and white letters, with the additional text 'Sonic Zen' placed at the bottom of the image.
Neon Harmony
Create a vibrant logo for a sound company named Neon Harmony, featuring a blue and pink design at the bottom.
Acous Mix
Design a red logo using the words 'Music Studio' in red letters on a white background accompanied by a red triangle.
SunSeed Farm
A logo for a seed farm featuring green and red stripes at the bottom.
Canvas Crafters
Create a logo for an art studio named Canvas Crafters. The logo features a vibrant dot design at the bottom.
Pet Paradise
A logo for a pet paradise company featuring a snake with the words 'pet paradise'
Design a logo for a restaurant named Amethystt featuring a prominent golden arch at the center.
A black and white logo featuring the words 'avd ward' on its side, against a white background.
Create a square, black and white logo with the word 'swande' placed on its side
Glint Garb
A black and white logo featuring the words 'glitt garb' positioned vertically, with a white logo beneath it.
novanex fashion
A fashion store logo featuring a woman's face and a handwritten name
Whimsical Whiskey Whirlpool
Design a logo for a whimsical whiskey whirlpool company featuring a purple circle and blue letters.
A black and red logo with the words 'Rapid Rover' on one side and a red and white stripe across the bottom of the letter.
VividRift Club
Design a vibrant logo for a club with a red and white color scheme on a black background, featuring the text 'Vivid Riff Club'.
Beat Burst
A black and white logo featuring the words 'Beat Burst' on its side, with a black and white background.
check log
Design a logo for an online company that sells check logs and other items to customers
A logo design featuring a blue background with a centered white square containing the word 'kwa'.
Stellar Scales
A logo for Stellar Scales featuring a star at the bottom and a blue circle with the brand name
Design a logo for a rum brand that features a red circle adorned with stars and the text 'Magellan Best Rum Ever'
Quiescent Quartz 3
Design a logo for Quiescent Quartz 3, a restaurant located in Paris
Design a logo for Ethan's Realty, a company that specializes in selling products in the market.
Sylvan Serenity 88
A logo design featuring a blue background with a white and red logo along with the text 'Syvan Serenity 86'
QuickFix Interiors
Design a logo for Quick Fix Interiors, a furniture and accessories company catering to homeowners and customers.

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