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The logo ideas and color palette data information are generated automatically by an AI model and do not represent any official views of the brand. Some logos are collected from the internet or user submissions, and if there is any infringement, please contact [email protected].


By SologoAI
Logo idea

Design a logo for a barber shop featuring scissors and combs placed on its side, with a ribbon wrapped around the corner.

vintage retro

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The logo portrays a skyscraper silhouette against a sunset, encapsulated within a circular outline, suggesting growth and urban development.
Design a vintage logo for a fast food restaurant named Vintage Eats, featuring a hamburger and a hot dog.
A vintage car logo featuring the words 'Vintage Motors' on the side and a car in the center.
A vintage clothing label with a hanger and the words 'style past' on its front and back.
A logo for a flower shop featuring a flower in the center and another flower at the bottom
A soccer ball flying through the air against a blue background, with a smaller white soccer ball on top.

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