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Website Logo Maker

Use Sologo's website logo maker to quickly generate a logo for your website.

The Latest Generated Website Logos

Design a logo for a soft drink company with the word 'roft' incorporated
A black background with a white KOF logo and a red dot in the center
A white background with a blue arrow pointing to the right of the word placebo in the logo
A logo representing a technology and innovation company selling products and services worldwide
Design a logo for Spark, a company that operates globally with a focus on the United States of America.
A logo featuring the word 'Quest' on its side, with a red and black color scheme and a black and white background.
Design a modern logo for a brand name company that symbolizes connection. Use a combination of red and black colors.
Design a black and white logo for a restaurant called Catalyst, featuring two crossing spoons.
A blue star with the word 'pulse' in blue
A logo featuring a serene blue water drop representing a company that offers tranquil products and services.
A blue background with the word 'spectrum' in white letters and a white rectangle
A logo with a blue background and white text saying 'zen', along with a white 'z' logo on a blue background.

How to make a website logo with Sologo?

  1. 01 Prepare information Think of a website name and graphical creative direction, but it's not required. The name can directly use the website domain, and graphics creativity can be handled by Sologo.
  2. 02 Enter information to start generating Input the prepared information and Sologo will automatically generate a large number of logo designs until you are satisfied.
  3. 03 Choose your favorite design When selecting a design, in addition to personal preference, you should also pay attention that the chosen logo is suitable to be placed on the website navigation header.
  4. 04 Save and download images Be sure to download at least 2 sizes of images - one rectangular logo for the website, and one square logo for icons/favicons.


How can I create website logo?

1. Visit the Sologo official website ( and click "Start Designing" to begin your design journey.
2. Choose an appropriate logo template according to your website's theme and style. Sologo provides a rich selection of template categories to choose from.
3. You can customize the logo's colors, fonts, and graphic elements. Sologo allows you to import your own image resources as part of the logo design.
4. In addition to customizing the colors and shapes, Sologo's online design tool also supports adding text, typesetting, and editing individual parts of the logo.
5. Preview your logo design in real time and make adjustments as needed. Sologo incorporates a live preview function.
6. When you are satisfied with the design, export it in a high-resolution format like PNG or SVG that can be directly applied to your website.
7. Sologo's Website Logo Maker makes it easy and quick to create a unique and professional logo for your website without design experience.

Where can I edit my logo for free?

If it's completely free, the current options are Canva and Sologo. Canva provides some free logo templates that you can choose one you like for your brand, but because too many people use them, it's difficult to register a trademark. Sologo is a newly launched logo generation tool in 2024 that is currently completely free.
Compared with Canva's free logo templates, Sologo has the following advantages for generating logos completely freely:
1. Sologo provides a wider selection of logo category templates compared to Canva. You are not limited to just choosing a template.
2. You have full customization capabilities when designing with Sologo, including colors, fonts, images, etc. It is not a simple template selection.
3. The logos generated with Sologo are all uniquely designed based on your inputs instead of being a standard template. This improves your chances of successfully registering a trademark.
4. As a new tool, Sologo does not suffer from the scale issue of many users adopting the same free templates as in Canva, which makes trademark registration difficult.
5. Sologo allows exporting high-resolution logo files like PNG and SVG for free, which can directly be used for business needs without a watermark.
In summary, compared to Canva's limited free logo templates, Sologo is currently the better completely free option for generating unique logos that can be easily trademarked.

which is the best website for logo?

Best logo makers of 2024:
- Placeit
- Sologo
- Looka
- Canva
- Wix logo maker

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