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Tshirt Logo Maker

Use Sologo to quickly generate a T-shirt logo design

The Latest Generated Tshirt Logos

A large blue vertex logo with a blue circle and the word \'Vertex\' on a white background.
A logo design for Cascade Water Sports and Recreation Park featuring a sunrise over water with the word \'Cascade\' below it.
A logo for Nactar featuring a green circle with blue letters and a blue circle with the word Nactar
A logo featuring a blue book in the center, surrounded by stars, on a blue and orange background.
A logo featuring a blue and white design with a koala bear on its chest and the word \'elite\'
A logo design featuring a white house on a blue background, with the words \'Nexus\' in white letters
Create a black and white logo with the word 'street' on its side and a curved arrow in the middle.
A blue background with the word 'vintage' in white letters and a star above it.
A black and white logo with the word 'style' on its side and the letter 'S'
A logo with a blue and white background and the word 'trend' on its side
A pink logo with the word 'Urban Est 2012' on its side, featuring a pink background and a pink and white logo design.
A black and white logo featuring the word 'grove' in a stylish font pattern on a gray background with a white backdrop.

How to design a tshirt logo with Sologo?

  1. 01 Prepare information Think of your brand name, desired colors or themes for the logo. This could include things like your clothing line's name or any graphic elements you want included.
  2. 02 Enter information to start generating Input your brand details into Sologo and it will automatically generate several logo design options for you to review.
  3. 03 Choose your favorite design Select a logo that best represents your brand and will print clearly on t-shirts. Consider aspect ratio and placement on different shirt styles.
  4. 04 Save and download images Be sure to download your finalized logo design in multiple formats like PNG and SVG, with varying sizes suited for printing on t-shirts as well as use on social media or your website.


How do I make my own logo for a shirt?

Sologo allows you to easily create customized logo designs that can be printed on t-shirts for your brand or business. Here are the quick steps:
1. Go to Sologo and choose a logo template suitable for clothing print, such as those labeled "Apparel".
2. Customize the design elements - change colors, edit text, adjust icons or graphics. Sologo offers a variety of editable vector objects.
3. Arrange the logo design logically for shirt print. Consider size, placement and readability factors when worn.
4. Preview the design in real-time and make revisions as needed. Sologo provides a live color preview.
5. Once finalized, export the logo as a high resolution PNG or SVG file. These formats print high quality without blurriness.
6. Send the logo file to a t-shirt printer who can print it directly onto t-shirts, hats or other apparel using DTG or other methods.
By leveraging Sologo's online tools, you can quickly create customized t-shirt logos without the need for design experience or software.

How to design t-shirt for beginners?

Here are some tips for beginners to design a t-shirt logo:
1. Keep it simple. T-shirt logos work best when they are clean, concise designs that can be recognized from a distance. Complex designs may get lost on clothing.
2. Use 2-3 colors maximum. More colors can make the design hard to print or more expensive. Stick to 2 contrasting colors that coordinate well.
3. Choose easy to read fonts. Fonts need to be large and clear enough to read when screened onto fabric. Sans serif fonts generally work best.
4. Place the logo in visible areas. Put the logo higher up centered on the front, or on the sleeve/back for visibility. Avoid placing near armpits.
5. Tailor designs for print methods. Leave sufficient spacing if using screen printing. Vectors work best for DTG/embroidered prints which don't blur or pixelate.
6. Consider placement for different styles. Horizontal designs suit fitted tees better than loose styles. Vertical designs suit looser silhouettes.
7. Get feedback and test prints. Refine your design based on inputs. Do a test print to check quality before bulk production.
8. Focus on simplicity, readability and coherence with brand identity. T-shirt logos are an accessible way to represent your brand.
Start with the basics and you'll be well on your way to designing quality beginner t-shirt logo designs.

Can I print a logo on a shirt?

Yes, you can print a logo design on a t-shirt. Here are a few options for printing logos on shirts:
- Screen Printing: One of the most common methods. A screen is used to push ink through a stencil to apply the design. Best for detailed designs with multiple colors.
- DTG Printing (Direct to Garment): The printer prints directly onto the fabric using ink jets. Good for full-color designs on light or dark shirts. Individual prints are faster than screen printing.
- Heat Transfer Printing: The design is printed on transfer paper and heat-pressed onto the shirt. Works well for simple 1-2 color designs. Easier for DIY than screen printing.
- Embroidery: The design is stitched into the shirt using threads. Adds dimension but is more expensive. Works well for simple shapes or logos in one color.
- Vinyl Cutting: Vinyl with the design is cut and applied as a decal. Cheap for short-term use but vinyl may peel over time.
You'll need the logo design file (such as PNG or vector PDF) and then contact a print shop offering the above services. Provide the file and shirt samples for size and placement guidance. Shops can handle orders from a few pieces to bulk production.With the right print method, almost any logo can look great on a t-shirt!

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