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Graphic Logo Maker

Sologo provides you with a fast AI generator to create Graphic design logos.

The Latest Generated Combination Logos

Furry Fiesta
A logo design for Furry Fiesta, a pet store in the United States of America featuring a cat atop the logo.
Breeze Bloom
A logo for a plant-based company that sells fresh produce
Sprout Sphere
Create a logo for Sprout Sphere, a company focused on providing products for individuals with special needs to grow.
ZenZest Farm
A logo for Zen Zest Farm, featuring vegetables and fruits growing around the word 'Zen Zest Farm'.
Rustic Roots
A logo for a company that sells organic products made from organic ingredients.
Design a logo for a company specializing in snapslides for photoshopped images and videos.
Neon Harmony
Create a vibrant logo for a sound company named Neon Harmony, featuring a blue and pink design at the bottom.
A red background with the words 'Techverse' in white font.
Nyx Rhythm
Design a professional logo resembling a music or recording studio logo for a professional recording studio.
Rhythm Rise
A logo representing a company selling rhythm rise products, utilizing the power of rhythm to guide individuals towards achieving their goals.
Design a logo for Sonicwave Pro Production Studio featuring a sideways musical note and the text 'Sonicwave Pro Production Studio'
Synth Sphere
A logo for a film production company featuring a film roll and a camera on its side, accompanied by the words

How to create a Graphic logo?

  1. 01 Determine the direction of graphic creativity such as cartoons, geometric shapes, figures, animals, plants, etc., with no more than two graphic elements at most. Overly complex graphics may not be conducive to later application and dissemination.
  2. 02 Use professional design tools Utilize graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator or Sologo to create your logo digitally.
  3. 03 Logo AI generation tool Sologo provides a dedicated Graphic logo generator for quickly generating Graphic logos.
  4. 04 Download files Download the image formats you need, Sologo provides free downloads without watermarks.


Which is the best free logo creator?

When it comes to logo creators, Sologo is undoubtedly the best, at least for now it's completely free. Canva also offers some free logo templates, but it's not a generator; Looka is also good, but it's paid.

How can I create my own logo for free?

The key is 'Free', most apps and websites are paid, and currently there are very few free ones, Sologo being one of the few. Sologo offers various types of logo creators that automatically generate logo designs for you.

Which website is best for logo making?

Below are several options, and which one is the best depends on you:
Canva: The most famous, with the most templates, but difficult to register trademarks due to widespread use, paid.
Placeit: Produces the best results, but has fewer templates and faces trademark registration issues, paid.
Looka: Generates many options, relatively easy to register trademarks, but not as effective as Placeit, paid.
Sologo: On par with Placeit in terms of results, offers unlimited generation, relatively easy trademark registration,free.

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