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Circle Logo Maker

Use Sologo's circle logo generator to design round logos, fast and free.

The Latest Generated Circle Logos

a black and gold logo for sprint music festival, with the word sprint in the middle of the image
A red and white logo featuring the word 'zontth' in the center, on a red background.
A blue label with a smiling face and the word 'Bubba' written in white on its side, featuring a red dot in the center.
A logo for a restaurant called Tavern featuring chopsticks, a bottle of wine, and a circular logo with the word Tavern
A green logo with the word 'Horizon' in a triangle shape and a leaf at the center.
A logo symbolizing health products and emphasizing healthcare and care
Create a logo for a juice company featuring an orange with the word 'essence' on its side, accompanied by a green leaf on top.
A red logo featuring the word 'Envision' on a black background, with a red circle and another red circle containing the word 'Envision'
A logo for Nactar featuring a green circle with blue letters and a blue circle with the word Nactar
Design a logo for Fizz, a business and technology company selling products worldwide.
A logo featuring a blue book in the center, surrounded by stars, on a blue and orange background.
A black and gold logo featuring a circular design with the text 'Lotus 2013' at the bottom.

How to create a circle logo design?

  1. 01 Input Your Emblem Details Enter the brand name or organization name of your logo
  2. 02 Select Your Favorite Design Choose your favorite one, and make sure it represents the message or values you want to convey.
  3. 03 Customize With AI Assistance Adjust your chosen logo with our AI's guidance toperfectly match your brand’s style.
  4. 04 Download Your Logo and Brand Kit Secure your new logo along with a full brand kit,ready for all your branding needs.


What is a free circle logo maker?

Sologo is a truly free circle logo maker that also offers logo designs with trademark registration and copyright.

How do I create a circle logo with Sologo?

Sologo provides a dedicated circle logo generator, allowing you to generate the desired logo with just a few simple steps based on the information you provide.

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