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The Latest Generated Apparel Logos

A black and white logo featuring the word \'fus\' with a white box on a black background.
Design a simple black and white logo with the word 'Voque' in the center, enclosed by a circular element.
A visually appealing and sleek logo design for a clean and professional company.
The word 'moda' is displayed in pink on a black background with a pink outline at the bottom.
Design a logo for a fashion brand called Svelte. The logo should feature a circle with a star on its side.
An elegant black and white letter 'e' with the word 'e' in its center
Design a logo for Enigma, featuring a red and white stripe across the bottom, set on a blue background.
A logo featuring a blue and white design with a koala bear on its chest and the word \'elite\'
A black and white logo featuring the word 'asra' on a white background with a border
A central number six with a pattern of letters and numbers surrounding it
Design a logo for a clothing brand with the word 'adorn' on its side and a pink flower at the bottom.
A black and gold logo with the word 'Radiant' on its side and a leaf at the bottom

How to create apparel brand logo?

  1. 01 Define your brand identity Before designing a logo, clarify your brand's personality, values, and target market. Consider the style, tone, and message you want to convey through your logo.
  2. 02 Input Information Provide your brand name and creative direction to generate logo options. Specify any specific symbols, colors, or styles you want to incorporate. This will help AI tailoring the logo to your brand's vision.
  3. 03 Select Suitable Logo Choose a logo that suits your brand and apparel industry. Opt for simple and flat graphics that can be easily printed or embroidered onto fabric. Ensure the logo is scalable and can be recognizable in various sizes.
  4. 04 Finalize and save Once you are satisfied with the design, make any necessary adjustments and finalize the logo. Save it in multiple file formats for versatility and future use.


How do I make my own clothing logo?

To make your own clothing logo, here are a few steps that can help:
1. Start with a rough sketch on paper outlining your ideas for the logo design. Choose suitable shapes, graphic elements, and font styles for your brand.
2. Use the online logo design tools on to easily bring your logo concept to life. You can select from different templates, adjust colors and shapes, and add fonts.
3. Get feedback on your initial design from the community to further refine the logo. also offers in-person design studio sessions to finesse the logo.
4. Finalize the design and export a high-resolution vector PDF or AI file, as these formats work well for clothing printing.
5. Provide the vector file to a printer, who can directly print or embroider the logo design onto clothing tags or other items.
6. Remember to register the logo design for trademark protection to safeguard your intellectual property rights.
With an online tool like, you can easily and affordably design a custom logo just for your clothing brand. Seeking professional guidance can also make the design more polished.

What type of logo is best for clothing?

When considering a logo for clothing, certain types of logos tend to work well due to their production techniques, visibility, and brand recognition. Here are a few logo types that are often favored for clothing:
1. Wordmark or Lettermark:
Wordmark or lettermark logos consist of stylized typography that represents the brand name or initials. These logos are popular because they are easy to read, memorable, and visually impactful. They can be embroidered, printed, or applied using various techniques, making them versatile for different clothing materials and manufacturing processes.
2. Pictorial Mark or Symbol:
Pictorial marks or symbols are graphic icons that represent the brand without relying on text. These logos often have a simplified, recognizable design that can be easily applied to clothing. They can be screen printed, embroidered, or heat-transferred onto garments, ensuring high visibility and brand recognition.
3. Combination Mark:
Combination marks combine both text and a symbol or icon. This type of logo provides the flexibility of using the full logo or separating the text and symbol for different applications. Combination marks work well on clothing as they can be adapted to various sizes and production techniques, including embroidery, printing, or heat pressing.
4. Abstract Mark:
Abstract marks are unique, conceptual designs that don't directly represent a specific object or word. These logos offer a creative and artistic approach to branding. While abstract marks may require careful consideration during the production process, they can create a visually striking and memorable presence on clothing.

How do I make a good fashion brand logo?

Creating a good fashion brand logo involves several key considerations to ensure it effectively represents your brand and appeals to your target audience. Here are some essential steps to make a good fashion brand logo:
1. Understand your brand: Gain a deep understanding of your fashion brand's identity, values, target market, and unique selling points. Define the personality, style, and message you want to convey through your logo.
2. Research and gather inspiration: Explore existing fashion brand logos, both within and outside your niche, to gather inspiration. Analyze their design elements, typography, color palettes, and overall aesthetics to identify successful trends and timeless styles.
3. Keep it simple and memorable: Aim for simplicity in your logo design. A clean and uncluttered logo tends to be more memorable and versatile. Avoid overly complex or trendy designs that may quickly become outdated. Focus on creating a visually appealing and timeless logo that can stand the test of time.
4. Reflect your brand identity: Ensure that your logo reflects your brand's identity and resonates with your target audience. Consider the emotions, values, and aspirations you want to evoke through your logo. Align the design, typography, and color choices with the overall image you want to project.
5. Typography matters: Select appropriate typography that complements your brand's style and message. Typography can convey a sense of elegance, modernity, sophistication, or playfulness. Choose fonts that are legible and represent the desired tone for your brand.
6. Color psychology: Understand the psychology of colors and their impact on emotions and perceptions. Choose a color palette that aligns with your brand's identity and resonates with your target audience. Consider the cultural connotations of colors and the emotions they evoke when selecting your color scheme.
7. Versatility and scalability: Ensure that your logo is versatile and can be effectively reproduced across various mediums and sizes. It should work well in different formats, such as print, digital, embroidery, or labels. Test your logo's scalability by resizing it to different proportions to ensure legibility and visual impact.
8. Seek feedback: Obtain feedback from your target audience, peers, or professionals in the industry. Their opinions can provide valuable insights and help you refine your logo design. Consider their feedback while making necessary adjustments to improve the overall design.
9. Consider professional assistance: If you lack design skills or want to ensure a high-quality logo, consider working with a professional graphic designer or design agency. Their expertise can help you create a visually appealing and effective logo that perfectly represents your fashion brand.
10. AI Logo Maker: It is recommended to use Sologo's clothing logo creator to generate designs automatically, which is fast and cost-effective.
Remember, a good fashion brand logo should be distinctive, memorable, and able to communicate the essence of your brand to your target audience. Take the time to iterate and refine your design until it effectively captures the desired image for your fashion brand.

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